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Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Centres & Facilities : Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive PolicyUpdated on: 18/11/2019 
1.   Dr. Manish Kumar Minu Dugala Full Time 2000-DW-532 25/09/2019 Gender Dimension of Human Rights: A Study of Women Prisoner Punjab 15/09/2022 No
2.   Dr. Kuldeep Singh Gurdinder Singh Full Time 41170006032 25/09/2019 IndiaAfghanistan relation in context of Security: Implication for India and change in Strategy 15/09/2022 No
3.   Dr. Kuldeep Singh Daler Singh Full Time 2019-EZ-132 25/09/2019 Participation of the Dalits in Politics : A Case Study of Punjab 15/09/2022 Yes UGC
4.   Dr. Kamla Inderjit Kaur Full Time 12614000137 25/09/2019 Not decided 15/09/2022 Yes UGC
5.   Dr. Kulwinder Singh Balinder Kumar Full Time 2015-Geog-3 25/09/2019 An Analysis of the Marginalization of the Sikligar(SC) of Punjab Through the Socio-Economic and Cultural Forces 15/09/2022 No
6.   Dr. Reena Chaudhary Suraj Full Time 17606000839 25/09/2019 A Sociological Study to Assess the Secondary and Tertiary levels of Delays in Starting the Cancer Treatment 15/09/2022 No
7.   Dr. Rakesh Thakur Surender Singh Full Time 2018-EZ-192 24/09/2019 Social Exclusion and Tribal Society: A case Study of Pangwal Tribe in Himachal Pradesh 15/09/2021 No
8.   Dr. Rakesh Thakur Virender Full Time 2013-Geog-21 24/09/2018 Identity and Dynamics of Dalit Movement in Punjab (1956-2018) No
9.   Dr. Navneet Arora Rajesh Kumar Full Time 2018-EZ-143 24/09/2018 Exclusion of LGBTQ People in India: State, Society and Politics No
10.   Dr. Ghanshyam Dev Prashant Rohta Full Time 17606000508 24/09/2018 A study of Kinnaur Region of HP: Understanding Transformations in Society, Economy and Ecology Since 1960's No
11.   Dr. Kamla Rajiv Kumar Sharma Full Time 2018-EZ-137 24/09/2018 Political Participation of Dalit Minorities in Punjab No
12.   Dr. Sudhir Sumesh Negi Full Time 17612000723 24/09/2018 Social and Political Impact of 73rd Constitutional Amendment in the District of Kinnaur HP No
13.   Dr. Kawalpreet Kaur Vishavdeep Singh Full Time 18013000726 24/09/2018 Feminisation of Agriculture: A Projection of Changing Trend No
14.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Jyoti Full Time 2018-EZ-158 24/09/2018 A Study of Intra Group Equality No
15.   Dr. Anupam Bahari Neelima Full Time 18113000433 24/09/2018 A Sociological Study of Metropoliyan cities: Mumbai and Kolkata- seperated by borders united by prostitution 15/09/2021 No
16.   Dr. Ghanshyam Dev Krishan Kumar Full Time 2018-EZ-104 20/04/2018 Gandhi and Ambedkar's Social Inclusion: An Analytical Study No
17.   Dr. Sarabjit Kaur Rohil Full Time 2017-EZ-174 13/11/2017 Marginalization of Sindhi's and Baluchi's: A source of Political Conflict in Pakistan No
18.   Dr. Rajan Bhandari Jitender Singh Full Time 2017-EZ-173 13/11/2017 Socio-Economic Status of Gujjars in HP: A Case Study of Shimla and Sirmour Districts No
19.   Dr. Mona Arora Samuel Jaya Kumar Full Time 2017-EZ-181 31/10/2017 Not decided No
20.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Charanjit Singh Channi Full Time 81-EZ-2303 31/10/2017 Indian National Congress-It's Internal Organization A study of Functions, Roles and Performance during UPA and Modi Era No
21.   Dr. Ghayansham Dev Manpreet Kaur Full Time 2017-EZ-168 31/10/2017 A study of Muslims in the State of Punjab No
22.   Dr. Rajneesh Saryal Kirandeep Kaur Full Time 2017-EZ-92 04/08/2017 Not decided No
23.   Dr. Kamla Navjot Kamboj Full Time 11810000514 28/11/2016 Not decided No
24.   Dr. Kamla Harjinder Singh Full Time 11309000168 28/11/2016 Not decided No
25.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Ravinder Kumar Full Time 2016-EZ-238 28/11/2016 Dalit Politics In India: Challenges Propspects of Bahaujan Samaj Partty in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh Yes UGC
26.   Dr. Anupam Bahari Ila Sharma Full Time 2016-EZ-251 28/11/2016 Not decided No
27.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Parambeer Kaur Brar Full Time 09-USOL-10107 15/01/2016 Prenatal and Postnatal care of women:A Sociological Study of Fatehgarh Sahib District No
28.   Dr. Gaurav Kalotra Vijay Kumar Full Time 08-geog-24 05/01/2016 Status of Bazigars in rural Haryana: A Geographical No
29.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Devinder Kaur Full Time 2015-EZ-92 28/07/2015 Centre Govt Inclusive Policy Study on Punjab State No
30.   Dr. Kamla Sony Pal Full Time 08-ES-06 28/07/2015 Empowerment of SC through Reservation of seats in Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Case Study of Punjab No

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