Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Arts : Department of Political ScienceUpdated on: 20/09/2021 
1.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Manvi Khosla Full Time 20-21/158/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Unde Process 17/01/2026 No
2.   Prof. Pampa Mukherjee Pavittarbir Saggu Full Time 20-21/159/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
3.   Prof. Pampa Mukherjee Richa Vashista Full Time 20-21/157/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
4.   Dr. Deepak K. Singh Aditi Dubey Full Time 20-21/194/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
5.   Dr. Rajnish Saryal Sunila Mahajan Full Time 20-21/237/Ph.D 18/01/2021 To be decided 17/01/2026 No
6.   Prof. Ronki Ram Pramiti Negi Full Time 20-21/255/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
7.   Prof. Swaranjit Kaur Pushpak Saroop Full Time 20-21/323/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
8.   Prof. Swaranjit Kaur Sabba Choudhary Full Time 20-21/336/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
9.   Prof. Sarabjit Kaur Sparsh Sharma Full Time 20-21/335/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 No
10.   Dr. Navjot Ajay Kumar Full Time 20-21/226/Ph.D 18/01/2021 To be decided 17/01/2026 Yes UGC-JRF
11.   Prof. Swaranjit Kaur Kamlesh Full Time 20-21/181/Ph.D 18/01/2021 Under Process 17/01/2026 Yes UGC-JRF
12.   Prof. Ronki Ram Abdul Monir Kakkar Full Time 1-20/444/Ph.D 30/11/2019 To be decided 29/11/2024 Yes ICCR scholarship for Afghan Nationals
13.   Dr. Navjot Anup Kumar Pradhan Full Time 19-20/268/Ph.D 23/09/2019 Under Process 22/09/2024 Yes UGC-JRF
14.   Dr. Deepak K. Singh Arjinder Kaur Full Time 19-20/269/Ph.D 23/09/2019 Under Process 22/09/2024 Yes UGC-JRF
15.   Dr. Navjot Sushant Padha Full Time 19-20/270/Ph.D 23/09/2019 Under Process 22/09/2024 No
16.   Dr. Nisha Jain Veena Rani Full Time 19-20/271/Ph.D 23/09/2019 Under Process 22/09/2024 No
17.   Prof. Sudhir Hindwan Harpreet Kaur Full Time 19-20/316/Ph.D 20/09/2019 Under Process 19/09/2024 No
18.   Prof. Sudhir Hindwan Navneet Full Time 19-20/317/Ph.D 20/09/2019 Under Process 19/09/2024 No
19.   Dr. G.C.Sethi, PGGCG-46, Chd. Shyama Devi Full Time 19-20/324/Ph.D 20/09/2019 Under Process 19/09/2024 No
20.   Prof. Sudhir Hindwan Sakshi Thakur Full Time 18-19/536/Ph.D 22/02/2019 Under Process 21/02/2024 No
21.   Dr. Sarabjit Kaur Rahul Sethi Full Time 18-19/337/Ph.D 17/10/2018 Under Process 16/10/2023 No
22.   Prof. B.S. Brar Akbar Ali Full Time 18-19/334/Ph.D 12/10/2018 Under Process 11/10/2023 No
23.   Prof. Mohammad Khalid Kunga Tanzin Full Time 18-19/310/Ph.D 11/10/2018 Under Process 10/10/2023 No
24.   Prof. Swaranjit Kaur
Dr. Neelam Grover
Shilpa Full Time 18-19/308/Ph.D 08/10/2018 Under Process 07/10/2023 No
25.   Prof. B.S. Brar Leelashree Godara Full Time 18-19/309/Ph.D 04/10/2018 Under Process 03/10/2023 Yes UGC-JRF
26.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Vibha Attri Part Time 18-19/364/Ph.D 04/10/2018 Stability and Change in Voting Behaviour: Measuring Volatility among Indian Voters 03/10/2023 No
27.   Dr. Deepak K. Singh Akhil US Part Time 18-19/307/Ph.D 04/10/2018 Under Process 03/10/2021 No
28.   Dr. Deepak K. Singh Thinles Tundup Upali Full Time 18-19/333/Ph.D 03/10/2018 Under Process 03/10/2023 Yes National Fellowship for Higher Education
29.   Dr. Navjot Aishwarya Arora Part Time 18-19/306/Ph.D 03/10/2018 Under Process 02/10/2023 No
30.   Prof. Mohd. Khalid Sourav Kumar Full Time 18-19/365/Ph.D 03/10/2018 Indaia and the African Littoral of the Indian Ocean: A Study of India's Emerging Soft Power 02/10/2021 No
31.   Prof. Sudhir Hindwan Meenu Bala Full Time 18-19/336/Ph.D 01/10/2018 Under Process 30/09/2023 No
32.   Dr. Kanwalpreet Kaur Hushiar Singh Full Time 18-19/335/Ph.D 27/09/2018 Peasants and Politics of Punjab in Post 1991: A Study of Malwa Region 26/09/2023 No
33.   Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi Bipandeep Sharma Full Time 17-18/228/Ph.D 21/12/2017 De-Securitising Circumpolar Arctic in Anthropocene: A Geopolitical Analysis 20/12/2022 No
34.   Dr. Kanwalpreet kaur Naveen Full Time 17-18/231/Ph.D 12/12/2017 Under Process 11/12/2022 Yes UGC-JRF
35.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Ashima Gupta Full Time 17-18/214/Ph.D 30/11/2017 Emergence of Planned Cities in India: A Study of Urban Villages of Chandigarh 29/11/2022 No
36.   Prof. Ronki Ram Yogesh Kumar Full Time 17-18/222/Ph.D 30/11/2017 POlitics of Identity Formation in Punjab: An Ethnographic Study of Balmiki Community 29/11/2022 No
37.   Prof. Sudhir Hindwan Chinar Thakur Full Time 17-18/229/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Idea of Terrorism in Indian Media: A Comparative Analysis of National and Local Nesspapers in Kashmir From July to December 2016. 29/10/2022 No
38.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Himanshi Malik Full Time 17-18/223/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Political Compaign and Social Media: A Study of 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections in Haryana 29/10/2022 No
39.   Prof. Surinder K. Shukla Jasmeet Singh Full Time 17-18/225/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Under Process 29/10/2022 No
40.   Prof. Pampa Mukherjee Kshitij Sharma Full Time 17-18/230/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Urban Waste, Institutions and Politics: A Study of Hill City (Shimla) 29/10/2022 No
41.   Dr. Deepak K. Singh Kuldeep Part Time 17-18/217/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Agricultural Shifts, Farming Community Identity: A Study of Three Sub-Regions of Hrayana 29/10/2022 No
42.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Pratibha Duhan Part Time 17-18/220/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Political Leadership At State Level in IndiaWith Focus on Haryana: A Case Study of Devi Lal, Bansi Lal and Bhajan Lal 29/10/2022 No
43.   Dr. Navjot Sujata Full Time 17-18/232/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Under Process 29/10/2022 Yes UGC-JRF
44.   Prof. Pampa Mukherjee Sunil Kumar Full Time 17-18/221/Ph.D 30/10/2017 State, Market and Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems: A Study of Kuhls in Garhwal Himalayas 29/10/2022 No
45.   Prof. Pampa Mukherjee Swati Condrolli Full Time 17-18/233/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Fluctuating Identity and Host Refugee Dynanics : A Study of Tibetan Refugee Community in Dharamshala. 29/10/2022 No
46.   Dr. Navjot Prabhpreet Singh Part Time 17-18/219/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Formation of Identities through History, Cultural Narratives and Politics: A Study of Mazhabi Sikhs in Punjab 29/10/2022 No
47.   Prof. Sudhir Hindwan Karan Anand Dalvi Full Time 17-18/215/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Under Process 29/10/2022 No
48.   Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi Goraya Gurpreet Singh Full Time 17-18/216/Ph.D 30/10/2017 Mapping the Greater Indian Ocean World: A Geo-Historical Analysis of 'Indo-Mediterranean' 29/10/2022 No
49.   Prof. Surinder K. Shukla Sediqullah Full Time 17/365/Ph.D 05/12/2016 Afghan People's Precetion of US war on terror in Afghanistan in Post 9/11 Era 05/12/2021 No
50.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Prerna Trehan Full Time 16/1230/Ph.D 28/10/2016 Music as a Tool for Socio-Political Resistance and Assertion: A Study of Chamars in Punjab 27/10/2021 Yes UGC-JRF
51.   Prof. B.S.Brar Varun Goel Full Time 15/1309/Ph.D 24/11/2015 Agrarian Crisis in Punjab: A Study of Alternate Narratives from the Field 23/11/2020 No
52.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Khushboo Mahajan Full Time PUN-35119 19/10/2015 Politics and Economics in a modern city: Exploring the fault lines in Chandigarh. No
53.   Dr. Sarvjit Kaur Anitpal Kaur Full Time 15/301/Ph.D 29/09/2015 India's Engagement with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO): Towards Alternative Narratives 28/09/2020 No
54.   Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Rajvinder Singh Full Time 15/1220/Ph.D 23/09/2015 Aam Aadmi Party as a "Niche" Party: Its Impact Over The Electoral Politics of India (2012-2019) 22/09/2020 Yes UGC-JRF
56.   Dr. Nisha Jain Lovekush Full Time 15/51/Ph.d 04/03/2015 Punjab State Commission for Women: An Analytical Study of Its Working and Performance 03/03/2020 Yes UGC-JRF
57.   Dr. Emanual Nahar Archana Devi Full Time 14/1276/Ph.D 18/02/2015 India's Energy Security and Central Asia: Challenges and Prospects 17/02/2020 No
58.   Dr Deepak K. Singh Jagjit Kaur Full Time 231 29/10/2013 NARRRATIVES OF MIGRATION: WHY DO PUNJABIS WANT TO EMIGRATE? No
59.   Dr. Deepak K Singh Rajinder Kaur Full Time 19112 30/04/2012 Community, Identity and Politics : A Study of Gujjars in Contemporary Punjab No
60.   Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi Gurinder Kaur Full Time 18938 24/01/2012 The Idea of Indo-Pacific: A Critical Geopolitical Analysis No
61.   Dr. Deepak K Singh Rajiv Kumar Full Time 18932 06/01/2012 Border, Community and Identity : A Study of Rai Sikhs of Punjab Yes UGC JRF
62.   Prof. Ronki Ram & Ashutosh Surinder Singh Full Time 18980 06/01/2012 Social Cleavages, Deras and Politics in Punjab : A Study of Dera Sacha Sauda Yes UGC JRF

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